Fáilte Go Uirlisí Jinhua Longtai Co, Ltd


  • Good-luck of beginning

    Good-luck of beginning

    Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2022! We are back to work today and everything is back to normal, please feel free to contact us. In the coming New Year, we will try our best to coordinate wherever you need and we hope can have better cooperation. Recently we will deliver more new products and we wi...
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  • We can make it!

    We can make it!

    Our company has started work on 15th Feb and our workers had back to the production line as planned. As a responsible enterprise, from the first day of the work, our company is taking the active response to the safety of all employees and physical health in the first place. Company leaders attach...
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  • Fight the epidemic. We’re here!

    Fight the epidemic. We’re here!

    In the face of some rumors and disinformation on the internet about the outbreak  of the novel coronavirus, as a Chinese foreign trade enterprise, I need to explain to my customers here. The origin of the outbreak is in Wuhan City, because of eating wild animals, so here also reminds you not to e...
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  • 2020 Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    2020 Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    Our company be closed from 21, Jan to 31,Jan 2020 for Lunar New Year and will resume regular operations on 1,Feb ,2020. We hope the Chinese new year of 2020 ahead bring you Happiness and Success!      
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  • Happy New Year 2020

    Happy New Year 2020

    Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year 2020. Peace, love, success, health, friendship, good luck, satisfaction, …all come true!    
    Leigh Nios mo
  • Employee gas volleyball match

    Employee gas volleyball match

    The company continues to enrich the amateur style and life of the employees, and advocates the concept of “healthy life, happy work”, our company organized the employee gas volleyball match of development area and we won the team championship!
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  • 126th Canton Fair

    Our company adheres to the principle of laying strees on the credit, customer, quality and service, we continue to work hard with a serious attitude. Thank you all for coming and looking forward to seeing you again at the Canton Fair next spring!
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  • Ár Cuideachta Reáchtáladh A Druileáil Shábháilteacht ó Dhóiteán

    Ár Cuideachta Reáchtáladh A Druileáil Shábháilteacht ó Dhóiteán

    On July 13, our company held a fire safety drills for all employees.
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  • Un-breakable vials

    Un-breakable vials

    Our vials have been produced and inspected, there’re will be assembled into the levels and tested again. Good vials can have high quality levels.
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