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Jinhua Longtai Tools Co.,Ltd was established over 10 years,

we are a manufacturer and trader which specializes in

producing all kinds of measuring tools. We have our own factory whichis producing

of High-precision Levels,

Aluminium Levels, Laser Level, Torpedo Levels, Square, Square Rulers, Support Rod, Chalk line etc.


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Why Choose Longtai Tools?

turba Culture

Professional Products focus on Qualis

Habemus incolumem sanus opus environment quod potest etiam develop quod utor nostrum est. Simul cum mos develop ad consequi miseránte-miseránte.

turba Italiae Commodum Collegit

Multis post annis additionis nos congesta a opes experientia et peritia in mensuræ instrumenta.

Consilio et privata fructus forma diversa genera, alio consilio pro multis  eligere.

High quality et competitive pretium.

turba Service

Si fieri parva problema solvitur et maxime promptum ad tempus.

Quae diligenter processionaliter ad stricte qualitas products et pressius et potestate.

Cubits: et album est available sarcina postulationem vestram in tempore, et in portarentur.

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